Dear guest, you are welcome to enjoy your meals in the villa. Our staff will be happy to cook the delicious meals for you in the separate kitchen. Unlimited tea, instant coffee and drinking water are complimentary. The plate of fresh fruits is provided daily.
You can let the staff know how spicy you like your meal.
If you pay for the meals for the whole period of stay it is US$ 15 per person per day.

Romantic candlelight dinner by the sea can be arranged on your request (US$ 38 for 2 people). You can choose any meal from the menu + 2 glasses of wine are included.

Breakfast: US$ 4.00 per portion

1. Pancake (plain/banana/pineapple)
2. Smoothie Bowl (dragon fruit on season, papaya, banana, granola)
3. Vegetable Omelette (tomato, onion, cheese)
4. Two eggs (any style). Bacon on request
5. Avocado on toast (toasted bread with mashed avocado, scramble eggs, cheese)
6. Cereals with milk
7. Oatmeal
8. Apple Cinnamon Roll (with raisins)
9. Rice cakes (Balinese breakfast)
10. Fried bananas

All meals are served with a plate of fresh fruits, bread, cheese, jam and butter.

Lunch: US$ 6.00 per portion


1. Prawn avocado Salad (mango on top in season)
2. Thousand Island Salad (cabbage, carrot, apple and pineapple)
3. Caesar salad (Romana lettuce, fish, crouton)
4. Root Salad (beetroot, carrot and radish)
5. Mixed Green Salad

6. Roast Veggie Quinoa Salad (pumpkin, eggplant)


7. Creamy Potato Soup
8. Vegetable soup
9. Noodle soup
10. Tomato soup

11. Pumpkin soup
12. Fish soup
13. Bakso (Indonesian soup with chicken balls)

14. Wakame soup (seaweed, shrimp, coconut cream, mushrooms)

15. Mushroom soup


16. Spring Rolls (vegetable roll served with sweet and sour sauce)
17. Chicken Sandwich (served with French fries)
18. Jaffle (ham, cheese, tomato)
19. Fish Tortillas (mix of fish and fresh vegetables wrapped in the tortilla bread)
20. Chicken Fajitas (mix of chicken and fried paprika with onion wrapped in tortilla bread)
21. Gado-gado (mixed steamed vegetables with peanut sauce. Served with a boiled egg)
22. Cap Cai (stir fried vegetables served with rice)
23. Fish Tacos (fish cooked in tomato sauce wrapped in corn tortilla)
24. Tuna Rolls (fish, cabbage, tomato and onion wrapped in rice paper served with orange sauce)
25. Quiche Lauren (Vegetable cheese pie)
26. Kebab with chicken
27. Burito with chicken or fish

28. Brushetta


29. Carbonara (Spaghetti with bacon)
30. Marinara (Spaghetti in red sauce with shrimps)
31. Basil Pesto (Spaghetti with basil and herbs)
32. Homemade Italian pasta with mushrooms in the white sause

33. Pizza Margarita / Chicken / Tuna 

Dinner: US$ 9.00 per portion

Indonesian meals:
1. Nasi Goreng (fried rice special with fish or chicken, egg)
2. Mie Goreng (fried noodles special with fish or chicken, egg)
3. Sate stick (small pieces of chicken, fish or shrimp on the stick)
4. Tom (steamed chicken or fish wrapped in banana leaf)
5. Pepes ikan (fish fried in the sauce with ginger and chili)
6. Ayam Betutu (chicken fried in the sauce with ginger and chili)
7. Chicken "Sambal Matah" (grilled chicken with lemon grass sauce)
8. Ayam Suir (small chicken pieces fried in chili sauce)
9. Chicken curry (small pieces of chicken and vegetables cooked in Balinese spices)
10. Tempe manis (soya beans cooked in soya sauce and coconut cream)
11. Tofu in seaweed grass


International meals:
Meals from chicken:
12. Stir fry (chicken and vegetables)
13. Chicken sweet sour (chicken mixed with onion are fried in batter)
14. Supreme chicken (grilled chicken with demi glace sauce)
15. Chicken Farmegiana (chicken breast stuffed with bacon and cheese)
16. Barbeque Chicken Roll (paprika and carrot are wrapped inside of chicken breast)


Meals from fresh local fish:
17. Thai fish curry (cooked in lemon grass and coconut cream sauce)
18. Tuna Black Pepper Noodle (fish cooked with paprika and onion in Worcestershire sauce)
19. Hawaiian Tuna (tuna mixed with tomato served in pineapple half)
20. Fish chops (served with mashed potato)
21. Spinach Prawn
22. Thai style rice noodle with shrimps
23. Shrimps in white wine saffron sauce (served with rice with herbs)
24. Tofu in seaweed grass
25. Grilled fish/chicken. (served with grilled vegetables) 


*The meals can be served with rice or potato (mashed, garlic potato or potato wedges).

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