Diving & Snorkeling

Diving & Snorkeling

There is a nice Home Reef in front of the villa and several dive spots around, that you can reach by speedboat (5-10 minutes away). The water is around 27-29 °C / 81-84 F (the same with air). The visibility is usually quite good if there was not raining before.

We have a small diving center with diving equipment available for rent also we have a speed boat to get to the nearest dive spots. For more far places (Tulamben "Liberty" wreck, Kubu "Boga wreck", Amed "Japanese" wreck and Menjangan island) we can arrange a transportation by car.

You can also take a Diving course and get PADI certification or just do the Introductory dive. Minimum age is 10 y.o. 


Introductory dive (Knowlege development + pool session + open water dive with max. depth 12m/39ft) - US$ 65

Local dive sports - US$ 40

Night dive - US$ 60

Wreck dive -  US$ 60

Dive courses PADI:

Open Water Diver course (3 days) - US$ 400 (final dive - at the Liberty wreck if desired)

Advance Open Water Diver course (5 dives / 3 das) - US$ 400

Rescue Diver course (3 days) - US$400

Deep Diver course (4 dives / 2 days) - US$320

Sidemount couse (4 dives / 2 days) - US$370


*The course's prices include: PADI certification, all the materials, equipment, transportation, private instructor. The course takes place at the villa, diving at the home reef.




It is 30 minutes drive one way. The big attraction here sunk over 60 years ago. The wreck of the US cargo ship Liberty is among the best and most popular dive sites in Bali. Even snorkelers can easily swim out and enjoy the wreck and the coral. Max. depth is 27 meters. US$60 (including diving equipment, transportation, guide and government taxes) for certified diver and US$90 for non-certified diver (Introductory dive at Home reef is obligatory).

SAFARI TOUR (2 dives)

"Liberty wreck" in Tulamben (27 meters) + "Boga wreck" in Kubu (33 meters). The price for 1 diver is US$120 / for 2 divers is US$220.

SAFARI TOUR (3 dives) 

Liberty wreck (27 meters) + Boga Wreck (33 meters) + Amed "Japanese" wreck (18 meters). The price for 1 diver is US$180 / for 2 divers is US$300.


Rent charges:

Snorkeling equipment (including boots, fins, mask and snorkel)
US$ 5
Freediving FUN course / 1 day - 10 meters (33 feet) / 2 days - 15 meters (50 feet) US$ 50 / $ 100
Diving equipment (SCUBA) US$ 20
Tank and weight US$ 15
Guide assistance by a instructor (PADI) including an introductory briefing / per dive US$ 25
Underwater flashlight US$ 4
Dive computer US$ 4

Dive Sites

Home Reef

Beautiful home reef just in front of the villa. The first wall starts at 2 meters and goes till 8 meters. Also there area walls on 12, 25 and 33 meters. There are plenty of coral fish, sting rays, cuttlefish, moorays and even a turtle. Also there are many  soft and hard corals. All the mentioned above make our home reef a good place to get to know sea life of Indonesia and diving itself.  

Tulamben Shipwreck

The redesigned USAT Liberty Glo, remeasured at 6,211 tons was bound from Australia to the Philippines on January 11, 1942, with a cargo of railway parts and rubber for the war effort when she was torpedoed by Japanese submarine I-166 about 10 miles (19 kms) southwest of the Lombok Straits. US Destroyer USS Paul Jones and a Dutch Destroyer took the damaged ship in tow attempting to reach Singaraja on Bali’s north coast. However, she was taking too much water and so she was beached at Tulamben so that the cargo and fittings could be salvaged.

In 1963, the tremors associated with the eruption of Mount Agung caused the vessel to slip off the beach, and she now lies on a sand slope in 30 to 100 feet of water, providing one of the most popular dives in Bali.

Boga Shipwreck

Kubu is 25 minutes drive one way. The Boga wreck was sunk in 2011 to forme an artifical reef. More and more fish live on this place. This wreck has the tendancy to slip down the slope each year. Its maximum depth was only 30 meters originaly. US$60 (including diving equipment, transportation, guide and taxes).

Amed Shipwreck

The wreckage is the remains of a 20m steel freighter in 5 – 15m of water, within snorkeling distance of the beach. US$ 60 (including diving equipment, transportation, guide and taxes).

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